Youth should be able to play football

Youth should be able to play football

Youth should be able to play football

Youth should be able to play football:Will he be safe? Will he be influenced by football culture to engage in activities that are immoral? Will he balance with academics? These are some of the intriguing questions that parents keep on asking before allowing their children into a football playing field. Parents are also worried so much about their children whereabouts once they wander out to play or watch football. With the number of youths being recruited to play football dwindling with each passing day, this paper tries to convince such parents why youths should be allowed to play football.

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With this in mind, football administrator are doing everything in their ability to ensure that player’s safety is their priority. From arranging football camps all over the country, engaging coaches in workshops to teach them better coaching methods and holding a national campaign against unsafe football, are just some of the measures that the National Football league is engaged in so as to appeal to many parents so that they encourage their children to join football teams. With so many advantages outlined in this paper ranging from job opportunities, health reasons to national security, it is therefore quite in order to allow youths to play football.

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