Your E-Book is Reading You

Your E-Book is Reading You

Your E-Book is Reading You.

Your E-Book is Reading You: Alexandra Alter is a Wall Street journalist that covers books and cultures. She is also an amateur primatologist. She has written several articles on the wall street journal which include “The literary rainmaker”, “Actor-Director Delves into Darkness” and many others.

Her article “Your E-Book is reading you” is a publication that first appeared in the mid of 2012. It aims at enlightening readers on how the digital reading techniques are helping the writers and other stakeholders to monitor how the books are being read.

She explains the means that are being used to carry out the assessments. The in-depth examples and thoroughly stated facts have enabled the writer to create an article that is heavily convincing to the readers.

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her as a fellow reader who has experience in the sector and understands their feelings. The audience is likely to be captivated by the article and contribute on matters arising in the book industry.

They may even be lure to promote the e-books business buy having a transition from hard copy books to digital books. The strengths of the article include arguments that are supporte by facts and reason. The points are also brief and to the point.

The weakness of the article is that the essay has narrow facts that cover a small dimension. She focuses mainly on one company. She however has a persuasive text that is quite relative to the intended audience.


Alter, A. (2012). Your E-Book is Reading You. The Wall Street Journal.

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