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According to the author of the article, the police has increasing used deadly force in the situations where they are supposed not to. In simple terms, this is described as the militarization of the police force. The worst case presents themselves where the use of force cannot be justified by a life threatening situation. For example, the police shoot and kill suspects while they are running away. The author claims that the situation have evolved over various forms of policing models that are being continuously introduced amongst the societies.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that the many stops and frisks for the blacks is purely on racism basis. The author reiterates that these cases of unequal treatment may result to the “Black Lives Matter” becoming a Civil Right Movement. This is true because the African Americans will rise up against the racism.

Benjamin, C. (2014, August 29). Militarized Police Forces and the War Against Black Americans . Retrieved from Black Star News:

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