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In the background of resonating calls for quality improvement in the healthcare sector, the role and influence of nurses has become increasingly important in the improvement efforts. This paper discusses the role of the floor nurse as it relates to a Hospital’s magnet status.

Extensive research shows that healthcare organizational cultures that feature supportive leadership, a quality philosophy, individual accountability and responsibility alongside effective feedback mechanisms have a greater impact in increasing staff engagement in quality improvement efforts (Needleman & Hassmiller, 2009).

The Magnet Recognition Program offers a framework through which healthcare organizations can coordinate the efforts of their staff towards quality improvement.

In addition to caring for their patients, floor nurses are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and managing the delivery of care environment which mainly involves coordinating the activities of care offered by other healthcare staff.

Essentially, floor nurses are categorized as the ‘heart and soul’ of the hospital and are, therefore, crucial to its magnet status.

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Data for the initiative was collected by the Safe Patient Flow Steering Committee and results from the project were disseminated to the hospital staff through a series of operational meetings (Jweinat, Damore, Morris, D’Aquila, Bacon, & Balcezak, 2013).

The initiative was able to improve the hospital’s clinical, financial and operational outcomes by implementing and institutionalizing the five major elements of demand capacity management.

Draper, D. A., Felland, L. E., Liebhaber, A., & Melichar, L. (2008). The Role of Nurses in Hospital Quality Improvement.

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