Wrongful convictions

Wrongful convictions

Wrongful convictions.

Wrongful convictions: The judicial system in the United States of America has sometimes found itself in compromising situation, especially after passing judgments. A suspect may be produced in a court of law, sentenced to a term in prison, for a crime he/she never committed.

There have been cases of people who have been put on death row, only for new evidence to come up proving of the possibility of wrongful convictions, or even their innocence on the matter. The question that arises from such a scenario is; who is to blame for the wrongful conviction?

Is it the prosecution, or the jury that had wrongly convicted an innocent person with insufficient evidence? I believe that the responsibility if making sure that innocent souls do not go to jail lies squarely on the prosecution teams as well as the jury.

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there are magistrates and judges who pass judgments without studying and deliberating on some cases properly. Other judges and magistrates pass unreasonable judgments; like short sentences on capital crimes or harsh judgments on minor offences.

This is the reason why we have had cases overturned at one time or the other. Many are the times we have heard that an inmate who had been on death row has been set free, or his offences have been interpreted otherwise in light of new evidence.

These question the credibility as well as the reliability of the United States judicial system. Therefore, it is upon these bodies to study their cases properly before convicting suspects who may be wrongfully accuse

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