Wrongful Convictions in United States

Wrongful Convictions in United State

Wrongful Convictions in United States

This paper explores the issue of wrongful convictions in the United States in the perspective of its individual as well as social implications. Several scholarly resources are reviewed in this paper with an aim of identifying trends in this particular problem, along with determining the opinion of experts on this issue. The response of the society to wrongful convictions in the United States in terms of formal public policies, and other informal responses, is also examined. Herein, a description of an alternative approach to solving the problem of wrongful convictions in the United States, along with its perceived efficacy and potential ramifications is presented.

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Reviewing the perspectives of experts, along with rethinking the benefits of contemporary policy provisions for wrongful conviction reductions constitute the first step in the initiatives to curtail wrongful reductions. From a personal perspective, physical and psychological devastation and pain cannot be fully healed through financial recompenses. This is to mention that the financial compensations are a mere consolation for the innocent, basing on the magnitude of the physical and psychological implications of wrongful convictions. Therefore, curbing wrongful convictions entirely should be the primary priority of wrongful conviction reduction initiatives in the United States.

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