World War II

World War II is considered as a deadly incidence that has ever happened in the world and human history. This war resulted in an estimated death of more than 60 million people in the world, putting into consideration that the event was allowed by leaders to erupt and faster as it happened. Apparently, Americans perceived the war as a problem in Europe and were aimed at being neutral throughout the war. For the beginning of the World War II, the US was determined to keep away and maintain the country as a neutral nation.

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The US broke into war after Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Tension and threats continued to prevail throughout the region for numerous years until Japan was fully involved in a military war with China, a nation that was an economically depressed country. As a result of Lend Lease program, industries in the U began to change the industrial base in the US to produce Armaments and other war materials rather than civilian good.

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