World War II contribution to growth of the federal government

In what ways did World War II contribute to the growth of the federal government? How did it foster what historians now call the military-industrial complex?

World War II contribution to growth of the federal government

Completion of World War II in the late summer of 1945 brought America to a new phase in its political and economic history. Before United States joined World War II, it was faced with the economic crisis for about sixteen years. Economic crisis resulted in closure and failure of banks and businesses. Nation experienced fall of gross domestic product between 1929 and 1932. Post war era was also full of various unprecedented emergencies that required federal government response. Consequently, by the time war began, federal government power and scope had exceeded its ability. The four years of the war were also not good experience as the US economy faced privation and regimentation. However, American federal government emerged as influential economic player that was able to regulate and manage it economic activities.

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Government started building nuclear weapons, rockets, bombs and electronic systems. American government also felt the need to have military superiority to be able to counter any future threat as President Dwight D. Eisenhower argued. Fear of the Soviet Union led to public and politician demanding American government to do something to protect them.

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