The 1st world war was considered one of the most devastating wars in the world’s history. This war left Europe on its economic knees and gave rise to new World economies like the United States, China, Japan and Brazil. This war is dubb as the most cataclysmic event of the 20th century. It was solely responsible for the downfall of four European empires (Russian, Turkish, German and Austrian). It was tied to the unprecedented rise of communism and fascism and caused catastrophic deaths than any other event up to that particular time in history. Thus, it created alienation and anxiety that majorly shook the underlying foundation of Western musical, artistic, literary and philosophical world.

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Germany violated the international treaty by attacking Belgium and Luxemburg knowing that this would virtually bring in Britain. Also, they send ultimate to France and Russia and declare war in case they did not meet the ultimate.

Berghahn, V.R. Imperial Germany, 1871-1914: Economy, Society, Culture, and Politics. In Taking Sides: Clashing Views in World History. Vol.

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