World instruments

The Hornbostel – Sachs is a German system used to classify musical instruments. Ideally, this system is based on the vibration of the instrument to produce sound. It is among the most widely accepted systems of musical instrument classification used by ethnomusicologists and organologists. Under this system are three instrumental categories including idiophones, membranophones, electrophones, aerophones and chordophones. Three symbolic instruments under this classification are; the Jew’s harp, musical saw, and the violin (Simpson, 2008, p. 112).

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During performances and competitions, it is among the most celebrated instrument. It is played in various musical styles such as Jazz, popular music, classical music, Arabic music, and Folk music. It is, indeed among the most popular musical instruments all over the world as many cultures embrace it. Most people love its cool sound and the manner in which it is played. Aside the ancient violin, there is also the electronic violin that has a piezoelectric pickup that converts string vibration to an electric signal. It is an amazing instrument with a unique taste of music.

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