Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress.

Workplace Stress: Extensive studies have shown that workplace stress is a key stressor among American adults and it continues to escalate progressively.

Further, workplace stress has been found to affect organizational performance and productivity as well as individual health and wellbeing (Barney & Elias, 2010).

Accordingly, this paper discusses the sources of workplace stress in an organization and suggest a key approach that may help reduce stress at the identified workplace. Additionally, the paper will discuss the team conflict and stress, while working with diverse team members.

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poor interpersonal relationships among the team members (Hon & Chan, 2013). Hon and Chan (2013) found that the team task-related conflicts positively affects work performance, satisfaction and productivity while team relationship conflict negatively affects job satisfaction, performance and productivity; ultimately compromising the organization’s performance .

Accordingly, it is evident that employee diversity is a vital component within workplaces since it helps foster task related conflict which has positive impacts for organizational productivity. However, even while embracing diversity, managers must put in place measures that are aimed at dealing and minimizing team conflicts resulting from poor relationships among team members.

This could be in the form of team building initiatives and activities that help strengthen communication and relationships among the team members. Consequently, in my opinion, diversity in work teams is necessary. While it may cause conflict with negative impacts, management can minimize its effects through effective team and stress management practices.


Barney, C., & Elias, S. (2010). Flex-time as a moderator of the job stress-work motivation relationship. Personnel Review, 39, 487-502.

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