Workplace bullying in nursing

Workplace bullying in nursing

Workplace bullying in nursing

Bullying is a practice of hostile deeds demonstrated by the usage of coercion or potency to affect other individuals, predominantly when the actions are repetitive and comprise an inequality of supremacy. It can comprise physical attacks, verbal aggravations, or oppression and may be focused recurrently towards specific targets, possibly on grounds of religion, race, gender, ability or, sexuality. The “inequality of supremacy” may be collective control and bodily supremacy. The target of oppression is occasionally denoted as a “victim”.

Bullying is the action of recurrent, hostile actions intentional to hurt another individual, mentally, or bodily. It is categorized by a being acting in a definite way to achieve authority over another individual. Bullying is a recurrent irrational behavior concentrated towards a worker or workforces that create a threat to the corporeal or mental health or wellbeing of the workers. It can happen to a solitary individual or a group of persons.

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Top level managers or the “boss” has been known to be the bully and sometimes this makes it even more problematic for the target to express his or her concerns on the matter for the fear of getting fired. Victims will often feel ashamed and try to avoid confrontation in fear of creating further conflict. They will also appear distant and may shows signs of anxiety. Victims often suffer from severe depression and some may even attempt or commit suicide.

Every day a person is being bullied at work and unfortunately most cases will never be known. Bullies continue to bully and get away with it while victims continue to suffer silently. It is inevitable that those who are bullied by their co-worker feel disrespected and can suffer from long term effects. Depression, anxiety, and stress are signs that some may be able to recognize; however it is very difficult to catch without being aware of the situation; everyone has bad days, so it can be impossible to catch.

Bowllan, N. M. (2011). Implementation and Evaluation of a Comprehensive, School-wide Bullying Prevention Program in an Urban/Suburban Middle School. Journal Of School Health, 81(4), 167-173. doi:10.1111/j.1746-1561.2010.00576.x

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