Working With Diversity & Self Awareness

Working With Diversity & Self Awareness

Working with diversity & Self awareness

My agency is Union Settlement Association where I work as an intern, mainly dealing with Adult education. Majority of my clients are mainly immigrants of the Hispanic culture including those from Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic. Other clients originate from Africa, France, and Asian countries, especially China. Majority of my students are parents with families who come to look for Jobs or better lives for their families in the US. Most of them are Catholics with a few Muslims and most of them speak very little or no English.  Most of them did not attend receive high school education back in their countries and only a few have High school diploma.

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Am concerned that she might one day suffer from Dyslexia, she does not write correct notes and at times she even misspell words right in the blackboard. Luchy has a serious problem with the English and even when I try to explain things in Spanish she do not get it. Another issue is that she likes smiling too much even when she does not get what I have taught in class. However, am dedicated to help her understand everything since I can tell that she is trying hard to learn. I have been able to accept that she is different from others and since I also struggled with grammar some years back, I believe that I am the right person to enlighten and help her.

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