Working towards Women’s’ Rights

Working towards Women's' Rights

Working towards Women’s’ Rights

Despite significant developments made by the women’s rights international movement over the years, girls and women around the globe are still married as kids or trafficked into sex slavery and forced labor. Around the world, bereavements related to childbirth and pregnancy are unnecessarily high.

The Human Rights Watch among the organizations working toward the attainment of gender equality and women’s empowerment, improving the lives and protecting the rights of girls and women on the ground.

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Access to land for women is impacted by inequitable birthright, family, and martial law in addition to private investments and programs. A deficiency of rights to the property for women impacts both access to land and critical resources.

Specific areas are rich in oil, gas, and minerals, but with little supervision and poor intelligibility the extractive sector may increase inequality, and bring about environmental degradation and corruption.

Du, B. E. C. (2008). Woman suffrage and women’s rights. New York [u.a.: New York Univ. Press.

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