Work related stress

Work related stress

Work related stress.

Work related stress: Stress, mainly work-related stress, has stirred increasing interest in the world in the current years. The workplace has altered significantly due to increasing diversity, globalization, and use of modern communication technology.

The increased workload in the work places has lead to an increase in work- related stress. At the same time, employees are reporting a growing rate of mental health issues.

A survey conducted by a European working conditions association in 2000, shows that work- related stress is the second most suffered work-related health issue.

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show that this approach may offer a tremendously effective management paradigm in the stress (Sulsky and Smith, 2005). Case management was developed to respond to dysfunctional service provision systems, and has become a very important element in the tertiary approach.

This paper serves as an indicator of the high costs and time wasted in stress management in the work place. Organizations should formulate policies that are aime at curbing work-related stress.

All employees should be traine on detecting and avoiding working related stress in order to increase productivity. Organizations should use this paper as a guide since it indicates the various causes of stress and ways to curb it. More medical practitioners and specialists should be hire as a way of reducing the immense implications of work-related stress.

Regular seminars and meetings should be organize to create awareness to all in the organization. Managers should conduct thorough evaluations in the organization to avoid bullying and misuse of power.


Sulsky, L., & Smith, C. S. (2005). Work stress. Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth

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