Work Related Project Analysis

Work Related Project Analysis

Work Related Project Analysis

This project analysis paper will cover a job that I did for the two departments under a defense contracting firm that I worked for. The work related project was detailed and required high confidentiality levels; as most government related projects are expected to be. The defense systems of a nation is dependent not just on their military tools and weapons; but also on the systems that they employ.

The work project involved systems development life cycle (SDLC). The SLDC process involves making plans, creation, performing tests and execution of an information system.

Workplace application architecture

This will cover the processes that are in use in data synthesis and processing, networks and interfaces involve.  In addition, systems analysis involves architecture breakdown into the different components and an evaluation into their efficiency. Hence, for the information systems between the two departments to work effectively, certain programs should be utilize. The Cloud Security that is available between the two departments and other collaborating government agencies should employ a secure defense systems cloud system so that it is not prone to attacking by hackers. The cloud system should also be firewall so that it is not accessible to unauthorized personnel such as outsiders who are not the members of the organization. Therefore, all the individuals who have authority to access the necessary information should have a password.

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In summary, the SDLC process to be conduct at the departments of Army and Veteran Affairs should result in better working information systems. Therefore, the defense consulting firm should have started with a diagnosing of the problem at hand, and planning on the implementation of the best available information systems that would led to higher efficiency.

Defense Information Systems Agency. (2015). Retrieved 13th April 2015 from

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