Women Warrior

Women Warrior

Women Warrior.

Women Warrior: The Woman warrior is a book that pays its attention to the stories of five different women who directly or indirectly affect Kingston’s life. The sequel of stories narrated act as links that integrate her personal lives experiences with her inner self that is hugely mended by an assimilation of Chinese beliefs and myths told by her mom.

In a way, the stories she tells also reflect her mother’s character traits though in varying ways. Depending on her purposed intention for any story, as well as the character used in each story. An image relating to her mother can easily be drawn.

With this regard, this analysis seeks to deduce Brave Orchid’s strengths as depicted in some of the stories featured in Kingston’s The Woman Warrior. In the first narration, Kingston speaks of an unnamed aunt whom she did not priory recognize.

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Kingston thus looked up to her mother’s success. Although she disliked her most times, and from her strength to withstand school programme she gained heart.

The fact that Brave Orchid showed strength in most of her undertakings. And consequently motivated others portrays her inner strength and bravery like her name seeks to describe.

The Woman Warrior not only seek to portray the success of women. But also the hardships they undergo before gaining their prosperity. Through this the aspects of bravery and strength are hugely assimilated to bring out the woman observable by the end of the narrations.

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