Women Suffrage

Women Suffrage

Women Suffrage

This refers to the right of women to vote and to contest for an electoral office. During the 19th century, women had restricted voting rights but years later, there were efforts that were geared towards giving women suffrage. There are speeches, interviews and letters about women suffrage.

In 1888, Frederick Douglass gave a speech before the International Council of Women that was held in Washington D.C, about women suffrage. He was a man who stood firm as he fought for women rights. However, he starts the speech by pointing out that women were to be the controllers of the suffrage movement and not me.

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Even when the superintendent commanded them to work, they said no claiming that they were wrongfully arrested. The superintendent told them that they were discouraging other workers who were in the workhouse, but that was not enough to get the women working. They had already made a decision to fight for their suffrage rights no matter what. Kettler represents hundreds of women who were thrown in jail because of fighting for their voting rights. (Gluck, p.87).

Douglass, F. (2000). Frederick Douglass: Selected speeches and writings. Chicago Review Press.

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