Women Suffrage Campaign and significance

Women Suffrage Campaign and significance

Women Suffrage Campaign and significance.

Women Suffrage Campaign and significance: The objective of feminists through generations has been to achieve the same political, economic and social privileges as men. Women’s suffrage was one of the biggest feminist battles by the 19th century and beginning of 20th century.

In this essay we will focus on major issues like the women suffrage campaign (Sprague, 1990). We will take a closer look at some of the brave political heroes who managed to bring change by either enforcing women rights or ending capitalism among other political achievements, and how they came to be significant in Canada today.

Canada in the 18th century, had laws claiming only land owners were eligible to vote. This only was possible for the few widowed women who owned land thus most of them were not eligible to vote.

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came to be of significance to them as she was elected to represent farmers.

She was significant for her roles in pushing for prison reforms, fighting for workers’ rights, representing issues of senior’s pension, and most of all gender equality. Like most of the other political heroes. She managed to make great progress in some of the issues she fought to establish.

To conclude, we can establish women’s suffrage campaign was the main enforcer of women rights backed by some of the political giants discussed. All of them were significant to the country for their endless enforcement of reforms.


Sprague, D. N. (1990). Post-confederation Canada: The structure of Canadian history since confederation. Scarborough, Ont: Prentice-Hall Canada.

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