Women in the workplace

Women in the workplace

Women in the workplace.

Women in the workplace: Researchers for many years have analyzed gender differences between women and men in the workplace. Specifically, researchers have focused on the way men and women communicate, influence and lead others in the workplace.

Accordingly, such studies have found numerous psychological differences among men and women ranging from their modes of communication to the ways in which they influence others.

Further, these differences in communication across genders have significant implications on the leadership and power among women and men in the workplace. This paper discusses the influences of language and communication on the power that women have in the workplace.

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men often appear as more effective and efficient leaders than women. According to Schnurr, faced with this dilemma, women often employ discursive process such as humor to construct and enact their leadership.

Using a case study of an IT organization, Schnurr demonstrates that humor, helps female leaders respond to gender related issues in the workplace while subsequently ensuring that they achieve their transactional and relational workplace objectives. Moreover, by applying humor, female leaders are able to escape the double bind of conflicting demands by helping them to balance their professional and gender identities.

Further, humor allows women to be both feminine and authoritative (Schurr 313). Essentially, this study shows that the use of more feminine discursive communication styles. Allows women to accomplish the complex notion of leadership more effectively.

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