Women Crime and Criminal Justice

Women Crime and Criminal Justice

Women Crime and Criminal Justice.

Women Crime and Criminal Justice: Growth in the number of female employees in the correctional system has been slow and has faced many barriers. Some of these barriers are overt and can easily be addressed; others are covert and are difficult to cope with and to stop. Please respond to all of the following prompts:

There has always been a fear of institutional based violence among women working in correctional facilities all over the world. This is one of the reasons why women constitute a low percentage of the correction department’s staff.

As at 2007, women represented 37 percent of the correction personnel in America’s Correctional Institutions. Up to the 1970s, women were only hired to work in women only correctional facilities in USA.

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to stressful work conditions which put them at a greater risk of institutional based violence. According to Breed (1981), women are not as big and strong as compared to men.

As well, in most societies women are usually view as sexual objects which put them at a greater risk of harassment not only by the inmates, but also by their fellow male workers.

As a result, women are less empowered to respond to such violence. Breed (1981) observes that in certain institutions, women are not even expecte to react to institutionally based violence and as such expect it as they go on with their daily activities.


Breed, A.F. (1981) Women in correctional employment. In B.H. Olsson (ed.) Women in corrections: 37-44. American Correctional Association: Alexandria, Va.

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