Women and Policing

Women and Policing

Women and Policing

Women and Policing:Since its start in the late 18th century, policing has been and remains as an occupation that is male dominated and associated with masculinity (Segrave, 2014). Despite the overwhelming evidence that women are equally capable as men in police work, widespread bias in selection practices, police hiring, and recruitment policies keeps the number of women in policing artificially low (Segrave, 2014). Entry exams also have an overemphasis on physical fitness and prowess, this blocks many qualified from joining the policing sector. Research has showed that these exams have a minimal relation to the profession and do not predict job performance.

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The policing occupation is also resistant to women, the discriminatory recruitment practices as well as peer intimidation and harassment of female officers, have all played a role in the low numbers of women in policing.

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