Windows Server Deployment Proposal

In light with the set up being forwarded by WAI, this is the best approach to take. It will ensure that all the resources are well and easily managed to facilitate the business goals.

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However, caution should be practiced as much as possible since there is not a single system that can guarantee on total security in the internet. And being that WAI will be using the internet a lot to coordinate their functions from office to office, additional security measures and vigilance need be put in place, for instance, the firewall need be topnotch since on is only as secure as their weakest links.

Shinder, T. W., Diogenes, Y., & Littlejohn, S. D. (2013). Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond: Architecting, Designing, Planning, and Deploying Windows Server 2012 Security Solutions. Burlington: Elsevier Science.

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