Why the Patriots Won the Revolutionary War

Why the Patriots Won the Revolutionary War

Why the Patriots Won the Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War took place between 1775 and 1783 between the American patriots and their colonial masters Britain. It was the war of independence in America. Many Americans resisted the taxes that had been imposed on them by the British parliament terming it unconstitutional. Hence, the resistance escalated to boycotts and destruction of British facilities. Britain punished Massachusetts by crossing the port.

The patriots of Massachusetts responded by establishing a shadow government to control the province of Boston. In addition, twelve other colonies came in for support and established the Continental Congress to assist in coordinating the resistance and to set up committees that seized power from the Great Britain. Therefore, the war broke up in 1775 between the Massachusetts patriots and the British regulars. The British came into the war as the favorite because they were best trained, best equipped and better funded. The Americans were also facing political and economic hardships. Nevertheless, the patriots won the war (Evans, 2001).

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Firstly, the patriots had the home field advantage that gave them the terrain advantage over their enemies. Secondly, the British army suffered size, ability and logistical disadvantage that incapacitated their ability to hold presence everywhere and to respond to aggression swiftly, and they also underestimated their enemies. Finally, the patriot fighters had the passion that fuelled them to become independent they were motivated by the urge of becoming free and independent from their colonial masters.

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