Why six sigma is so effective in metal manufacturing

Why six sigma is so effective in metal manufacturing

Why six sigma is so effective in metal manufacturing

Six Sigma is a type of methodology and set of tools for process and quality improvement. It is prevalently used in the manufacturing sector including steel industries. Six Sigma improves the quality of the industrial process. It is a quality improvement strategy that focuses on identifying and removing any unnecessary waste in the production process. It also ensures minimal process variability. In addition, Six Sigma is a statistical tool designed to help a company diagnose the causes of performance break and variability. The appropriate tools and solutions are then applied to the production inefficiencies. Six Sigma phases include define, measure, analyse, improve and control. Define involves identifying goals and issues in the manufacturing process. The measure phase involves gathering information about the processes in question.

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Additionally, elimination of variation in variables reduces wastage and improves the quality of the products. (Franchetti, 2009) Application of Six Sigma principles in metal manufacturing is also effective in energy management. In conclusion, metal manufacturing involves energy-intensive processes, and there is the need to minimize wastage of energy. Thus, Six Sigma identifies defects in the manufacturing process of metal and provides creative solutions to these problems.

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