Why should gay marriage be illegal

Why should gay marriage be illegal

Why should gay marriage be illegal

Gay marriage is the type of marriage whereby people of the same sex legally bond as a husband and wife. Normally, it occurs between men upon which one man with female characters is considered as the bride while the other man is the bridegroom. The supporters of gay marriage consider same sex marriage as an equal kind of marriage and they take it very positive as it is their right to marriage. The history of gay marriage dates back to many decades below the 20th centuries.

The first legalization of the same sex marriage came into existence in the 21st century whereby ever since many countries have signed it into law for their citizens (Gay 48). For example, countries like Canada, Argentina, France, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands, South Africa and the majority of the United States have allowed the marriage between people of the same sex.

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The gay marriage has long term impacts on the modern societies and has gone an extra mile in interfering with the marriage institutions despite the fact that it has been legalized in 32 states in the world. Naturally, marriage should between two people of the opposite sex and no the same sex persons. It has raised a lot of concerns across the world on the fate of typical marriages. Equally, it goes against the ethical standards of humanity especially when based on morals and values of the living societies.

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