Why People Should Eat Meat

Why People Should Eat Meat

Why People Should Eat Meat.

Why People Should Eat Meat: One of the leading and most harmful myths in today’s society regarding what forms a healthy diet is the argument that people should not consume meat.

A number of reasons are floated to validate or justify this belief such as meat is responsible for many of the chronic lifestyle diseases experienced among populations today; it is inhumane to kill and eat animals; vegetarianism is environmentally friendly; and there is simply no nutritional requirement for meat.

However, in this paper I argue that meat is essential dietary constituent for the health of individual and its lack or absence in the diet contributes to chronic health problems including obesity, anxiety disorders, Type II diabetes, heart disease,

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other numerous pollutants have greater impacts on the environment. Animal suffering and cruel may be a valid point but this is easily remediable by enforcing stricter animal welfare laws and regulations.

Accordingly, the reasons as to why people should eat meat are clear: humans need meat to function optimally. This is captured in the words of Dr. Smil, who says:

“Meat consumption is a part of our evolutionary heritage; meat production has been a major component of modern food systems; carnivory should remain, within limits, an important component of a civilization that finally must learn how to maintain the integrity of its only biosphere”.

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