Why People Commit Evil

Why People Commit Evil

Why People Commit Evil.

Why People Commit Evil: Evil is one the most controversial issues that raise the question of the existence of God. There is a timeless argument that asks, “If God really exists, why is there evil in the society?” It is not clear on why God allows evil to persist, yet He is good and has supernatural powers to control the working of the world.

As such, His existence and his superpowers should stop all the evils in the world. Several scholars and Christians explores the existence of evil, and why is persists. Typically, there are two types of evil; moral and physical.

Physical evil refers to natural harm, while moral evil refers to willful sin. Some examples of moral sin include adultery, murder, fornication, abortion, sorcery, theft etc.

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However, in most cases, most people do evil knowingly with the sole purpose of satisfying their own bodily needs. However, there is hope for those who ask for forgiveness, and seek the kingdom of God. Even though evil is unavoidable and part of human’s nature, people should strive to please God and not man (Van 94).

On the other hand, with respect to Socrates views, people should do what they feel and think is good. Sometimes, although this is contradictory, it fulfills people’s desires. This view has become widespread in the contemporary society as people have become individualists.

They only think of their own self interests, and are willing to do things that others think are wrong. All in all, the reasons on why people commit evil are inadequately understood, and philosophers are effortlessly researching on the same.


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