Why is theoretical integration controversial

Why is theoretical integration controversial

Why is theoretical integration controversial

Theoretical integration is termed as the act of coalescing two or more groups of logically interconnected propositions into one bigger set of interconnected propositions, with the purpose of providing a more inclusive explanation of a specific phenomenon.

Theoretical integration has remained a controversial line. A lot of individuals agree that it is highly needed, but also that it may be unbearable to complete since procedures and concepts and do not imply the same thing when conveyed into a dissimilar theoretical context (Henry, 2009).

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This article shows some of the controversial views of theory that offer a foundation for theoretical integration Outcomes of theoretical integration are also shown.Affirmative action purports positive stages taken to enhance the representation of females and minorities in segments of education, employment, and culture from which they have remained historically omitted. When those stages comprises preferential selection—selection on the foundation of gender, race or ethnicity—affirmative action causes intense controversy.

Henry, S., & Lukas, S. A. (2009). Recent developments in criminological theory: Toward disciplinary diversity and theoretical integration. Farnham, England: Ashgate.

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