Why I Am a Pagan

Zitkala lived in Sioux culture; missionaries came to recruit students from her boarding school. The missionaries taught the Indian girls to abandon their culture and adopted new ones that they showed them. Other Indians thought that the missionaries white education was better that the Indian traditional way of educating their generations and passing of their culture and traditions down to the children. Zitkala felt like the Whiteman’s education was nothing to match her Indian culture and resisted the change. By then the Indians mode of learning for the girls was observation and imitation of what their mothers did some like the beadwork

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She appreciated little of the new religion education and preferred paganism as long as the kinship was passed on to her and through her. They thought that being good only owed to them being Christians but not believing that their culture taught the same thing too. This hypocrisy made her prefer the paganism. She had been part of the missionary education, confirming all her doubts; there were injustices and corruption in the missionary school. In her culture, her observance would not have showed her anything other than what the truth was

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