Why Evolution Is True

Why Evolution Is True

Why Evolution Is True

Why Evolution Is True:Over the years, arguments over creationism and evolution have sparked lot of contention and need for research to support various stands. Most of the experts focus more on biological part of evolution with only few who focus on the fossil evidence. Why Evolution Is True by Coyne provides a remarkable analysis of almost all the bases used to argue evolution in a well-organized manner. Coyne is one of highly recognized biologist and an outspoken atheist. To express his point, Coyne puts more stress on the biogeography and some unique adaptation of some living things. With a critical review of Why Evolution Is True, it is clearly evident that the author aimed to support and convinces any rational person about the truth of evolution. He also respects the fact that not all who will accept his position due to fear of after implications. The way that the book is structure can be said that Coyne achieved his objectives.

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In conclusion, “Why Evolution Is True” is a fine defense and affirmation of why idea of evolution is true. Although not all evidences provided in the book are convincing or reliable, the way idea is presented is simple and easy to understand. The author does a very commendable thing by not engaging aggressively engaging with other creationism and instead uses a gentle approach to convince his reader why evolution is true. He also ensures that he points out that accepting the concept of evolution cannot in any way change morals of the society.

Coyne, J. (2009). Why evolution is true. New York: Oxford University Press.

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