Why athletes make good role models

Why athletes make good role models

Why athletes make good role models

The claim is that the athletes influence both children and adults in unimaginable ways. The responsibility of good morals as Claire puts it should be for everyone because everyone has a critical part to play and be a role model (Claire, 27).

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Buksa (2010) paper purposes to determine whether Australia’s generation Y perceive publicized athletes as responsible role models, and if they employ positive (POWM) word-of-mouth recommendation behavior. The findings revealed that Generation Y glorified athletes as their role models. They were also seen to be encouraged by (POWM) recommendation behaviors, especially for brands, products or services endorsed by their glorified athlete role model (Buksa et., al, 337).

Buksa, Ivan, and Ann Mitsis. “Generation Y’s Athlete Role Model Perceptions On PWOM   Behaviour.” Young Consumers 12.4 (2011): 337-347. Business Source Premier. Web.            15 Apr. 2015.

“Ski Patrollers” (2009) reveals that Ski helmet usage rates appeared low from the study, especially from the role models themselves, as Evans et., al suggest. Ski patrollers are role models in the use of helmets.

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It is confirmed that athlete-celebrities are obligated to show ethical responsibilities in order to mentor young people. Thus, their fragile career obligates them to become more responsible and this makes them the best kind of people for role models.

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