Why animal testing should be illegal

Why animal testing should be illegal

Why animal testing should be illegal

Animal testing is the act of using a non-human animal in conducting experiments. The approach is for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of everything in use by humans from medication to cosmetics and to understand the way in which human body works. Animal testing is conduct across the globe, and its uses are diverse. Thus, some countries have establish standards that are strict with animal testing, and monitoring is rigorous. The approach is in use when there is other available alternative experiment methods. Animal testing take place to the university, military defense establishments, medical schools and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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In conclusion, some experiments are unnecessary among human being and are not needed including makeup. Animals have a basic moral right and right to be treated with respect, and their values are disrespected when animal are used as tools in a scientific experiment. Animal testing should be ban because it subject animals to pain and cause permanent damage and death. Therefore, animal testing should abolish to improve their welfare and quality of life.

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