Who wrote the Bible?

Who wrote the Bible?

Who wrote the Bible?

The documentary hypothesis was conceptualized when Jean Astruc came to believe that he could uncover the sources of the Old Testament by using the divine names of Yahweh and Elohim as a guide to this quest (Rabin 14). In the 19th century Karl Graf held on the belief that the first five books in the Old Testament were from an independent source.

These sources were J and E. J was the author who referred to God as Jehovah while E referred to God as Elohim. According to the documentary hypothesis was Moses. According to the hypothesis, Moses copied earlier documents by author D and P or he might have parts of book of Genesis written for him.

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The flood story is a good example. J and P had different accounts of the flood story but it was edited into a single narrative Friedman (56-57). The hypothesis at time is seen as a challenge to religion. Some of the scholars in support of this theory have been regarded as atheist or revolutionist.

The church is against this theory as it is see as a big threat to Christianity. From a literary position, one can say the theory seeks to affirm the tradition of Mosaic authorship.

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