Whitewater Case Study

Whitewater Case Study

Whitewater Case Study

Whitewater Case Study: The U.S Whitewater center based in Charlotte in North Carolina has short of revenue expectations in the two years of operation. According to information from the firm, it has not generated the attendance expected, where the attendance dropped to a significant level in the second year of operation leading to the shortfall of the revenue.

Notably, the center receives negative publicity as a result of the implementation of new park fee, road access issues and government funding assisting in loans.In addition, the center raised the price after a year of business operation.  Whitewater center board of directors were determined to increase the revenue and a way to manage debt to ensure a successful future.

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There are concerns that require to be addressed including number and frequency of social events, pricing of activities, advertising campaigns, activities offered, market segmentation and establishment of effective communication channels.  Whitewater center lacks an effective marketing strategy for the existence and raising awareness for the park, and complains that there are no enough butts in boats.

Finally, Whitewater center should develop and implement new marketing strategy for the purpose of increasing the number of visitors in the park (Finley, Willoughby, Sykes, Frankovich & Stewart, 2011, p. 8). With the promotion of better service and product offering, defined market target and stronger market position Whitewater center will improve its operations and increase revenue in years to come.

Finley, R. L., Willoughby, M., Sykes, T., Frankovich, J., & Stewart, S. (2011). U.S. NATIONAL WHITEWATER CENTER. Business Case Journal, 18(2), 1-25.

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