What’s wrong with public education in America.

Indeed, nobody disputes the value of education and its impact on the society as education is a major component and factor of the American Dream. However, there have been increased concerns at the quality of education offered especially by the Public administrations that the state governments allocate funds to. The education statistics are unsettling and it is evident that the force-feeding children initiatives on public education are not producing students with enough skills compared to the rest of the students in private institutions as well as the first world economies students.

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In conclusion, the strongest arguments against the charter and public schools are that most of them have never been scaled up to levels that accommodate the majority of students. The misconstrued motives such as profitability do not allow the equality of opportunities and quality of education to the private institutions and perhaps the education industry as a whole without some drastic cutbacks in the student support costs as well as the teachers’ salaries.

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