What Will We Stand For in Abortion

What Will We Stand For in Abortion

What Will We Stand For in Abortion

41 years ago, the Supreme Court gave the American woman the right to choose whether to have an abortion or not. Today, this right is at stake as groups and legislatures have stood to oppose it. Black women seek family planning services at a rate four times higher than white women. It, therefore, means that if the right to decide to have an abortion is lifted, then, black women will suffer more than white women.

The decision to have an abortion depends on the financial status of a woman, access to healthcare services, and personal preferences and beliefs. In the recent past, laws have been imposed in various states to restrict abortion. In Texas, for instance, a law was passed limiting hospitals that are allowed to perform an abortion. A lot of abortion clinics were shut down, and women have to travel over long distances to get abortion services on the designated hospitals.

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More than 80% of African-American women consent to abortion. However, those who oppose it argue on the basis of religious values. They believe that abortion is evil and should not be legalized whatsoever. Women should posses the right to their body. Education about reproductive rights should be made available so that women, majorly black women, should understand the importance of having control over their bodies. It is, therefore, up to everywoman to stand for the right to have safe abortion.

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