What was the effect of the Galveston storm of 1990

What was the effect of the Galveston storm of 1990

What was the effect of the Galveston storm of 1990

The United States is hit by intense hurricanes and tropical storms once in every fifty years. One of the states that have been largely affected by hurricanes and storms over the years is Texas. Due to its strategic location along the coastline, Texas is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Settlements in Texas disappear as easily as they form due to the fierce tropical storms experienced in the region.

In the Nineteenth Century, one of the world’s most deadliest and colossal hurricane hit the city of Galveston in Texas. The hurricane came to be known as “The Great Galveston Hurricane”.

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Galveston city moved to Houston city that was more safe and reliable. The farming activities were also impeded by the hurricane as the cotton and rice fields were destroyed by the storm.

The Great Galveston hurricane also resulted in the implementation of safety measures. Safety measures that ensured the safety of the city in case another storm occurred were put in place. There was an elevation of the land to a better height above sea level. A seawall was built at the shore to control the ocean tides and protect the city from raging ocean waters.

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