What Is The Significance Of Gilgamesh Flood Account?

What Is The Significance Of Gilgamesh Flood Account?

What Is The Significance Of Gilgamesh Flood Account?

The history of floods is well documented in two flood accounts. The biblical flood account that occurred during the time of Noah and the Gilgamesh flood account. The Gilgamesh flood account poses as one of the most popular flood accounts to be documented in the ancient near east. The Gilgamesh flood account is well documented since it consist twelve tablets. It thus poses as one of the most complete flood accounts of the ancient times.

Gilgamesh flood account is one of the most important flood accounts. The flood account is significant because it originated from a culture that was unknown. The cultures and languages of Sumerians, Greeks among others, were not known.

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In both accounts, birds play a very significant role after the floods. The birds were sent to find land in both cases. The raven, a dove and a swallow were sent in the case of Gilgamesh account. In the case of the biblical account, three doves were sent (Sarfati 2).

Finally, the two accounts have arks with similar structures. The arks had at least a door and a window. In conclusion, the Gilgamesh account is a very significant account. The similarities that it has with the biblical account make one to believe that the two accounts are true. God choose righteous men in both accounts to, lead his people.

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