What is it about Gore organizational culture and competitive strategy that keeps a leader in innovation and creativity?

The firm W.L. Gore and associates was founded by Wilbert also known as Bill and his wife Genevieve in 1958 and since then has manufactured wide range of products namely the high performance fabrics, next generation electronic products and the medical products. The firm has indeed thrived forward over the past decades and is now among the most acclaimed firms both globally and domestically. Indeed, its organizational structure has been admired due to its outcomes which have been characterized by the self-empowered cross functional teams whom communicated and coordinated their activities across the different units, divisions and regions.

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In conclusion, the power of Gore’s structure in management has been quite a revelation for them and the industry as a whole and this has contributed hugely to their products being considered valuable. The power of the firm’s informal marketing practices, research development, company structure techniques has extended beyond the consumer products to a reputable and successful strategy of competing with other MNEs.

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