What does not make the news

For a story to make news, it has to have some certain characteristics. Before a story is released to the public, those in the newsroom especially the editor have to check whether it is newsworthy. (Shoemaker, p. 106). It, therefore, means that there are stories that don’t make news. The paper seeks to address the characteristics of stories that doesn’t make the news.
Ordinary activities don’t make news. Normal activities such; driving a car, riding a bicycle, taking lunch, going to school and taking a train. Such activities are so ordinary and, therefore, can’t make news. The aspect of newsworthiness comes in when ordinary becomes extraordinary. (Palmer, p. 190). Outdated stories are not newsworthy.

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In order for a story to be stimulating and newsworthy, it must possess characteristics such as proximity, timing, significance, prominence, and strangeness. For this reason, makes it right to say that if a story lacks such characteristics, it cannot be considered newsworthy.

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