What are some of the social barriers that prohibit the consistent use of protection from STIs during sexual activities?

Addressing sexual health is fundamental for a generation that majority seeks not to abstain from engaging in sexual activities. It identifies and explains issues to do with biological, psychological and sociocultural dimensions of sexuality, especially from the cognitive domains. Many of the adolescents engage in the sexual intercourse with plenty of partners without using condoms thus placing them at sexual health risks of getting STDs and HIV (Chakrapani, V, et al, 2010, p.52).

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Easy accessibility to media platforms that are influencing the majority of individuals to engage in sexual activities as well as lack of morals continues to hinder the growth of condom use initiatives thus increasing chances of contracting STIs.

Chakrapani, V., Newman, P. A., Shunmugam, M., & Dubrow, R. (2010). Prevalence and contexts of inconsistent condom use among heterosexual men and women living with HIV in India: implications for prevention. AIDS patient care and STDs, 24(1), 49-58.

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