Welfare system

Welfare system

Welfare system

Welfare system:The welfare system consists of both cash and in-kind benefits. In-kind benefits are non-cash transfers to welfare recipients which enable them to receive goods or services for free or at a reduced price (Anderson, Sundet, & Harrington, 2000) (Anderson, Sundet, & Harrington, 2000).

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Also, under the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, recipients are required to secure a job within two years following the payments of their first benefits. Additionally, most recipients are not allowed to receive welfare payments for more than five years (Anderson, Sundet, & Harrington, 2000).


Anderson, L. P., Sundet, P. A., & Harrington, I. (2000). The Social Welfare System in the United States: A Social Worker’s Guide to Public Benefits Programs. Michigan: Allyn and Bacon.

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