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Elements in HTML are the core building slabs of a website in HTML; a website cannot be without having elements. Elements in HTML have tags, which are enclosed in angle brackets; they help in the definition of the entire setup of the website and its layout.

Codes are the computer understandable languages that instruct the computer on how to display a given site. They comprise of the HTML and CSS mostly; however, more codes such as JavaScript can be added to a website to make it more responsive.

Tags are the container blocks of elements. They are represented in the system by angle brackets, and they help in the coding process since the computer can understand where an element starts and ends. Almost all tags are paired, meaning they have an opening and closing tag pair such as <h1> (ELEMENT) </h1>

Headers are the first elements of the beginning of the HTML’s body element. They vary based on the user’s choice and are represented by tags like <h1>, <h2>, </h1>, </h2> and so on. Every header element must have an opening and closing tag.

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Categories are the divisions of HTML elements based on their characteristics such as content categories that are grouped into additional subcategories comprising specific content, main content, and form-related content categories.

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