Weapons of world war 2

The key secret of the American victory in the World War was quality and quantity. The rifle culture in the US, as well as the companies, had made strides in designing the weapons of war. In 1944, America had achieved an increased superiority and effectiveness of its weapons that the country’s entrance into the war led to the demise of the war and its leaders as well as the opposing troops. Indeed, America had chosen to stay away from the World War 2 whose key players were in Europe and Asia. However, America’s isolation from the war ended in 1942 when the then Japan nation staged an attack on the American military installations that were in the Pacific. In fact, the devastating strikes came at the Pearl Harbor, a Hawaiian naval base that much of the American fleet was moored.

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In conclusion, the American entrance into the war with their sophisticated weapons meant that Germany, Italy and Japan would have a superior enemy. However, despite the advances made by the USA in atomic bomb, tanks and aircrafts, the infantry remained the essential elements of the then modern warfare as the weapons outlined above were used effectively to destroy the enemy’s camps.

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