Weaknesses of W.L. Gore and Associates

Weaknesses of W.L. Gore and Associates

Weaknesses of W.L. Gore and Associates

Weaknesses of W.L. Gore and Associates: W.L. Gore and Associates is flexible and focused origination that supports free and unconstrained ideas from employees. Employees are introduced to a culture that encourages each to identify ideas in line with a common goal and also allowed to follow those ideas provided they feel they are right (Gore, 2008). Employees are supposed to works out of self-motivation rather than from a sense of duty (Lussier, 2000). However, there are weakness associated with culture embraced by W.L. Gore and Associates considering modern organization rigorous competition.

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W.L. Gore and Associates allows associates to spend their time freely and also identify projects that they feel are appropriate (Gore, 2008). In such cases, associates may initiate many parallel projects that in long last cost organization especially when those project fail.

Considering that W.L. Gore and Associates is one of most innovative business structure in the world losing competition battle to its competitors would not be good. The organization will find it hard to compete with other organizations considering its organization structure. Therefore, W.L. Gore and Associates needs to reconsider some aspects of origination structure.

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