Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton

Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton

Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton

George Washington was a well-respected and excellent administrator as evidenced in his leadership as the first president of the United States Republic. His leadership, indeed, guaranteed the survival of America as an independent and powerful nation as well as setting the standards for his successors in power.

After his inauguration on the 30th April 1789, George Washington created a cabinet where he surrounded himself with a very sophisticated team. Indeed, his Cabinet was set to serve as a precedent for future governments as well as ensuring that they served the interests of the American Revolution.

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President George Washington was successful in creating a popular government as it was accepted by the citizens despite the Hamilton and Jefferson rift that separated political opinions and ideologies. Washington’s leadership served as a key benchmark for any administration that was elected.

Despite the rivalry of Jefferson and Hamilton, both individuals were instrumental in shaping the country’s development projects and ideologies that have been fundamental in the current modern government of the USA.

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