War of 1812

War of 1812

War of 1812

During the 1812 War, the U.S. took on the biggest naval power on earth, Great Britain. This conflict was going to have a tremendeous impact on the young nation’s future. The war was caused by British efforts to restrict U.S. trade, the American seamen Royal Navy’s impressment and the desire of America to expand its sphere of influence. The U.S. suffered many expensive losses at the hands of Canadian, Native American and British troops over the period of the 1812 war.

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Madison’s administration had to respond to the opposition, but unlike other Presidents, the Madison’s administration didn’t repress dissent. In fact, it practiced a lot of tolerance. Finally, the U.S. triumphed in New Orleans and the signing of the Ghent’s Treaty took place ending the long fought war. A majority of Federalists who attended the Hartford Convention were forever branded as disloyal Americans, which crippled their political careers.

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