War for Independence

War for Independence

War for Independence.

War for Independence: The independence war in the US began in the year 1775 and ended in 1783. The war was between the thirteen colonies in the US and the British colonies, and there were mixed factors that led the Americans to win the war which arose from the tension as the Americans were seeking for independence.

Arguably the British troop was the strongest army in the period because they were well paid and were well equipped. Despite the strength of the British troops, the Americans had the advantages that led to the victory of the war for independence and received support from other strong empire such as the French who were against the British colonies.

There were several factors that lead the American colonies to which the revolutionary war. First, the British government and troops underestimated the potential of the loyalist and were not considere as strong personnel

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He coordinated the American troops and organized their activities by managing their affairs closely. He also requested other state governors to support the army.

Washington established a permanent army force and developed a well-trained army. Which became reliable during the war through the well-organized coordination.

The independence of the US victory was as a result of a combination of both internal and foreign support. The leadership skills of George Washington contributed greatly to the victory of the US against the British troop by organizing the army and strategic coordination.


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