Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman:Literature is an important field all over the world. Walt Whitman is one of the most celebrated contributors of the American literature. He grew up in West Hill, New York during the reign of George Washington as the president of the US (Bloom, 7). His family named him after his father. The most important memory of his childhood was when General Lafayette chose him from a crowd and lifted him up (Bloom, 7). Walt later viewed this as a mark of him being the chosen great poet in the history of America. He belonged to the first generation of new America, knowing that he lived in the era of a new nation. Whitman’s influence on the American literature is significant. He is the most influential international writer.

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He advocated democracy in the nation. He became an icon since his work represented socialist, communists, and homosexuals, he believed in the freedom of the people even if that culture was hardly allowed at the time. This shows that he was strong enough to fight all the criticism that he faced. In the present day, shows in the media represent him, musicians refer to him, shopping malls, schools and bridges bear his name. Just like he suggested, people look for him (Aspiz, 226).

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